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Art-Tech's summer STEAM camps explore and enhance concepts that children may not necessarily have the opportunity to experience throughout the regular school year. 

Let's keep your child advancing their skills, engaging with

other students, and building confidence! 

For all skill levels, ages 8-15.

  • Structured, weekly camp sessions available; either single or full-day.

  • A balanced 2-hour camp schedule of live instruction, critical thinking, and hands-on project development.

  • The hottest curriculum in Python Coding, HTML5, JavaScript, Roblox, Game Design, Digital Art, Multimedia, and more!

  • 12 students max per course, blending personalized learning and time to socialize.

  • All students will walk away with their projects saved on an Art-Tech flash drive. 

  • Personalized instructor feedback is delivered via email so you can track your child's success.


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