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Art-Tech 2023 Courses 


3D Print & Design

Learn the basics of 3D design and printing. TinkerCad is awesome for helping kids learn to design in 3D. Create a full 3D rendering of your own designs. 

Ages 8-15 


App Maker Design

Learn the basics of Javascript with this all-in-one entry-level program. Create interactive games with graphics and code snippets right in the browser,

including sounds, animation, multiple levels, buttons, physics, and more!

Ages 8-15 


Digital Art 

Create! Design! 

Design your own unique digital creations using Photopea an online photo editor like Photoshop. Learn the basics of photo editing and manipulation as well as filters, effects, and more!

Ages 8-15 



HTML Game Design

Learn to use the HTML5 Canvas to create HTML5 games that will run in all modern desktop and mobile browsers. Create simple games with keyboard and mouse interactivity. 

Ages 10-15 


Roblox Gaming & Coding

With Roblox’s built-in editor studio you'll create your own 3D worlds. Publish, share, and immediately play with friends on any platform from console to mobile. Design and code you own OBBY levels and more!

Ages 8-15 


Video Game Animation *New for 2023

Create browser-based drag-and-drop animations. Design dynamic & exciting animations, cartoons, advertisements, and more with timeline features, a visual block-based system, and a built-in image editor and animation editor. 

Ages 10-15 


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